Fire Safety Managers

We have readily available pool of Fire Safety Managers/Senior Fire Safety Managers (FSMs/SFSMs) to cater to your building requirements. Our FSMs/SFSMs are highly experienced personnel who have vast experiences in dealing with commercial and industrial buildings. The services provided by the FSM/SFSM includes all the mandatory roles such as conducting checks to eliminate any fire safety infringements, co-ordinate the formulation of Company Emergency Response Team, co-ordinate and supervise the occupants within the premise in fire fighting and evacuation in the event of fire, liaising with relevant authorities in all matters related to fire safety and conducting table-top exercises and fire evacuation drills amongst other mandatory duties. At OneSphere, we ensure our rates of providing FSM/SFSM are competitive enough for your consideration. For a detailed quotation, please feel free to contact us for a non obligation quote.

Airport Consultancy

OneSphere provides consultancy services to all aviation related companies and civil airports. Our consultants are well-versed and experienced in performing feasibility studies. airline development, cargo development, airport operations (landside and airside) and management to name a few. Catering to all airports regardless the size of airports, OneSphere ensures Covering a wide range of studies, it entails master plan reviews, extrapolation of passengers, strategic airport development planning, capacity enhancement, airport fire studies, ll feasibility studies takes account of customers’ cost-effective measures to align to the stimulus of customers’ needs. For a detailed quotation on services provided, please feel free to contact us for a non obligation quote.

Other Services

With a vast network, OneSphere is able to collaborate with our service providers in delivering quality yet competitive market pricing to our customers. OneSphere vertically integrate a seamless option for customers’ in providing the required service at a very reasonable price. Exemplary of services provided entails transportation, marketing, branding and many more services. For a detailed quotation on the required services, please feel free to contact us for a non obligation quote.

Fire Safety Management

Fire Safety Managers

OneSphere provides Fire Safety Managers and Senor Fire Safety Managers to formulate and conducts monthly checks and inspections and removes any fire hazard that can be found on the premise.

Table-top exercise and Fire Drills

The table-top exercise is intended to assist the owners/management and Fire Safety Managers (FSMs) of buildings to address the needs of their buildings and building occupants in terms of coping with an emergency such as those that may arise from a security or terrorist threat.

Reports and Audits

All Senior Fire Safety Managers and Senior Fire Safety Managers are required to submit a monthly and annual report and audit 

Trainings and Education

Train, co‑ordinate and supervise the Company Emergency Response Team for the premises in first‑aid, fire‑fighting and evacuation in the event of fire or other related emergencies


 OneSphere Fire Safety Managers and Senior Fire Safety Managers are all registered certified by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)